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5 ways that CEOs can help their business to scale Artificial Intelligence

How to use predictive analytics in local and central government to identify risks and target resources

Transform, Package & Deploy faster and secure with DevSecOps

3 Trends for Public Sector Data Leaders in 2021

The Path to Data Virtualisation

Experience is EVERYTHING

Data Management in the Public Sector

How to master data governance

Safeguard your Intelligent Automation delivery

Three ways that you can use Intelligent Automation to improve digital services and fight against Covid-19

Intelligent Automation is a fast route to digital service enhancement

The unquestionable role of Intelligent Automation in healthcare

Part 2: If future is uncertain, how can you make great decisions?

Part 1: If future is uncertain, how can you make great decisions?

Intelligent Automation: 3 challenges and how to overcome them

How can you make your cloud migration strategy successful?

Scaling up, fast: onboarding a large scale testing partnership inside four weeks

Project Deep Blue: See how students use their AI expertise to solve social problems

AI in Retail: Serving millions with 0s and 1s

Making RPA smarter with AI

RPA adoption: key factors to consider

Why enterprises should navigate digital transformation?

Data Science: business analytics for decision makers

AI related challenges and transformational possibilities

RPA adoption: transforming the way enterprises work

Building an agile testing community

How Agile GDS adds efficiency to Digital Transformation programmes?

Intelligent Automation: redefining digital transformation

How to deliver gold-standard public services in uncertain times

Mobile proliferation: Reimagining business benefits and customer experience

How are AI-driven bots transforming customer engagement?

What do we mean by Testing Maturity?

How to avoid getting your wires crossed with RPA

What does leadership in IT Service Management entail?

Have you discounted the differently abled from your mobile apps?

Think you are suited for a C-level career?

Cybersecurity: Are you getting the value promised from your SIEM?

Machine learning: makes dealing with defaulters easy (case study)

The What, Why and Where of Robotic Process Automation

These software testing trends can help testing teams work smarter

5 Steps to Succeed at Mastek’s Graduate Programme

Why user experience testing matters when testing mobile apps?

Mastek Charity Hackathons - Contributing to Social Causes

The importance of Cloud-based Mobile Testing in Digital Transformation

RPA will reign: 4 compelling reasons why

The importance of assessing application performance testing risks

To tool or not to: JMeter performance testing

Introducing Mastek's Graduate Development Programme

Test Maturity Assessment: The light to end software testing trials

Driving service innovation through analytics

5 ways retailers can retain customers with data virtualisation

7 key steps to optimise software test processes

Onward and Upward...Project Deep Blue Season 4 is all set for a roll-out

Performance Testing Parameters for Various Mobile App Types

Five data virtualisation use cases to simplify information management

Plan My Care: self-directed healthcare by putting people first

What’s Data Virtualisation got to do with Digital Transformation

We’ve rebranded…why?

Overcome QA challenges with BDD test automation | Blog Series | 3 of 3

What you ought to know about digital transformation risks

Four ways to conquer digital challenges in application support

The Internet of Things is just what the doctor ordered

Has your IT partner equipped you for the digital age?

Why the Cambridge Analytica scandal is good for GDPR Consent

Smart thinking about smart cities

Challenges to overcome through testing in BDD | Blog Series | 2 of 3

Does GDPR compliance prevent holiday hiccups?

Could the Testing Approach to BDD have Prevented Eurocontrol’s Disaster?|Blog Series|1of 3

The Why and How of BDD-friendly Test Automation

Digital Channel Shift Predictor: The Business Case

How Machine Learning Helped Predict the Channel Shift to Digital

5 Business Drivers to Consider for Cloud AI

Data Driving You Crazy? GDPR Compliance to the Rescue

Did you know that GDPR Compliance Saves Data Storage Costs?

The Role of Test Automation in Digital Transformation

Why GDPR Offers Opportunities for Building Unified Data Landscapes

How Cloud supports Enterprise Digital Transformation? | Blog Series | 3 of 3

How Cloud supports Enterprise Digital Transformation? | Blog Series | 2 of 3

How Cloud supports Enterprise Digital Transformation? | Blog Series |1of 3

Webinar Roundup: Transform your Testing, Improve Quality, Save Time

Data Virtualisation and Black Friday Deals

One Bank takes on the PSD2 Challenge. What Next?

8 signs You Should Invest in Test Automation

How Data Virtualisation helps IT Achieve Business Agility

Redefining Banking Customer Experiences

How to Journey on the GDPR Compliance Route with Ease

Serverless Cloud Architectures: Revolutionising Cloud Tech

PSD2 and Open API Banking, a Threat or Opportunity?

Get Real-Time Customer Insights with Cloud Technologies

The Importance of Digital User Experience Testing

A Walk in the Clouds – Choices with Cloud Computing

Why Banks will Benefit from the AI Shift

Considered these GDPR Challenges in Connected Environments?

How Video Analytics Improves Your Customer Experiences

Four Cognitive Computing Facts You Must Know

Why Software Testing is David to the Goliath of Digital Transformation

How to avoid Data Breaches with GDPR Compliance in the Public Sector

IoT – the promise of a holistic Supply Chain

GDPR, an Opportunity not a Threat

The Rise of the Connected Retail Associate

Omnichannel – Bringing it All Together

Will De-globalisation Benefit Fintech?

The Importance of Retail End-to-End Test Automation

The Challenge of Bimodal

A Cure from the Soundbites Harming the NHS

Go from BI to AI in Minutes

CEO Insight

PSD2 or not, Banking Customers Deserve Better

5 Overlooked Advantages of Retail Test Automation

Watch Out! There's a new breed of genius in Retail

Automated Testing: Critical to an Omnichannel Retail Strategy

How Can You Deliver Better Banking Customer Experiences?

Digital Transformation - saints and sinners

CEO Insight

How can you deliver Value through Spend Analytics?

Smart Contracts: Benefits and Use Cases

Is Your Mobile App Really Engaging Clients?

Retail Reinvention: from DevOps to DataOps

Why Low-code Accelerators in the Public Sector are here to stay

NHS Finances and the Feasibility of STP

Agile Leadership - A Learning Organisation

How can Digital Transformation Improve Customer Perception of Value?

Is Effective Product Ownership the Missing Key to Digital Transformation Success?

Brexit! An Opportunity for Financial Services to get Competitive

Do you think Blockchain will work in Financial Services?

Retailers ‘Wake Up’ to Customers Calling the Shots

Four Key Blockchain Platforms: Their Use Cases in Financial Services

Can you Deliver Agile BI through Data Virtualisation?

Spend Analytics and the Single View of the Customer

Why an Integrated Data Strategy will help Retailers

Data Visualisation: Can You See the Wood? Or Even the Trees?

Is it time to revisit your Digital Strategy, or are you too late?

Agile Leadership – Build Self-Managing Teams

Will a Two-Year Tariff Benefit the NHS?

Can Blockchain become the beating heart of Financial Services?

Useful BI Events to Attend: an Insightful Round-up

How Gov.UK Verify makes the Digital Identity Drive Easy

No really….What do we mean by Digital?

Blockchain. More than just the New Kid on the Block

Why the CMA is Bolstering Banking Customer Confidence

What’s Driving Fintech?

Make a Dash for Productivity

Three Simple Mobile Banking Metrics to create Customer Stickiness [Download]

CEO Insight (Summer 2016)

BrexIT Tech

Cognitive Computing - our May Retail Trend

Create Banking Customer Stickiness: Cap Overdraft Charges and More

Recharge Customer Experiences - Intelligently Integrate [Report]

CEO Insight (Spring 2016)

What’s Trending in Retail Tech?

Big Data is No Big Deal

Can We Leave Behind a Lasting Legacy? [Whitepaper]

How Customer Insight Improves Performance

An Eggcellent Roundup of Top Retail Tech Trends in March

How the NHS is Plugging the Leaks in its Deficit? [INFOGRAPHIC]

Why Financial Services Must Revisit Their Approach To Digital & Mobile

The Top Three Retail Tech Insights We’ve Seen this February

Shaken, not stirred! Why Facebook should be in the Banking market

Junior Doctors Strike - A Brief Diagnosis

Scrum is dangerous. How responsible are you?

Three of the Top Retail Technology Benchmarks We’ve Seen in January

Enriching the UK Govt’s Digital Transformation Journey with G-Cloud 7

8 Lessons The Public Sector Can Learn From Retail In Promoting Digital

How to Prevent ‘Bleak Friday’ on Black Friday with Retail BI

Top tools for Distributed Enterprise Agile

When Insight In an Instant Becomes the Norm

How Shift-Left Testing Can Provide the Wow Factor

CEO Insight (Autumn 2015)

5 Ways to Adopt Agile BI for Digital Banking Transformation

Why integrated architectures deliver a seamless Government as a Platform service

MastApp Wins CIO 100 Mobile Maven Award

Co-location, Co-location, Co-location! ...part 1

What’s easier, transforming a nation or a business?

Mastek’s IAM System Deployment for HSCIC wins iCMG Awards

Mix cultures to drive up performance....Global Enterprise Agile...

Do Away with Data Risks

The Promises and Perils of Big Data

CEO Insight (Summer 2015)

How Digital Insight Can Improve Your Sales Strategy?

The Change Leader, FW de Klerk

When the Human Wallet Comes of Age?

IndigoBlue Joins the Mastek Family

This Way Forward

How To Prevent Tomorrow’s Fraud Today

Metadata Management - Bring Method in the Madness

Up Close and Personal with Retail Technology

Delivering Commercial Viability with Conveyancing Portal

CEO Insight (Spring 2015)

Your Recap of ICM 2015

CEO Insight (Winter 2014)

Austere Time Transformations

Delving into Retail Data

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