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How to use predictive analytics in local and central government to identify risks and target resources

05-Aug-2021 07:28:39 / by Dean Richardson posted in Government, Artificial Intelligence, IoT, governance, predective analytics

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The phrase “predictive analytics” holds a lot of promises—about solving problems before they occur, better service outcomes, targeting scarce resources, supporting decisions and improving responses in time critical situations.

With so much opportunity available, how can government start to consider the risks and benefits associated with this technology?

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3 Data Trends for Leaders in Public Sector in 2021

24-Jun-2021 05:53:51 / by Dean Richardson posted in Government, Data, analytics, governance, strategy, change


There is a lot of hype around data. It is billed as a route to better citizen service, faster business decisions and overcoming enterprise silos. But it’s not that easy; every data decision is dependent on resolving the lack of trust, misalignment and data silos.

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