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Identity Management, the Next Level

16-May-2023 02:50:03 / by Ravindra Samant posted in UK Central Government, Data management, Identity & Access Management



The conventional frameworks of identity management have always concentrated on managing the users of the organisation and granting them access and privileges to the organisation's assets.

They have primarily supported techniques in predictable on-premises work environments. Today’s multichannel, multi-device and mobile-enabled environment demands more ways to engage as well as transact with businesses and their digital services.

Users expect to deepen the connections on their own terms, at any time from anywhere on any device they choose. Identity relationship control is the next generation of identity management where it links people, places, and things and enables a dynamic, context-based strategy that organisations and businesses can apply throughout the lifecycle management of users (enterprise and customers both). 

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The Path to Data Virtualisation

26-May-2021 04:15:04 / by Dean Richardson posted in Data Visualisation, Data management, Data, data governance

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As outlined in our previous blog, Data virtualisation and efficiently exploiting the power of the information contained in an organisation comes with its own challenges. In this blog, I’ll outline some of the challenges I have experienced and give some tips on how to navigate your way through if you have similar issues.

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Effective Government Data Management in Public Sector

05-May-2021 04:51:35 / by Sean Joyce posted in Data management, Data, Data Storage, Data availability, Data Security



Data management is a complex issue. The Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) registered multiple data breaches and losses in recent years – technology and process needs to support better mitigation for these risks of error and oversight releasing private citizen data to the outside world.

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