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Why enterprises should navigate digital transformation?

17-Oct-2019 04:57:16 / by Ms. Kiran Gidwani posted in Digital Transformation, Customer Insight, Business Process Automation, Customer Engagement

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To deliver value and accelerate growth, enterprises need to change their fundamental approach and add speed and accuracy to the various business processes. New digital technologies present both game-changing opportunities for-and existential threats to-companies whose success was built in the pre-digital economy. Digital transformation is a pre-requisite for sustainable growth and in some cases, survival of enterprises in the current dynamic and pace-driven market.

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Get Real-Time Customer Insights with Cloud Technologies

03-Aug-2017 04:25:28 / by Ankesh Somani posted in Future Tech, Cloud Technology, Customer Insight


It’s data all the way in this age of information insights. Every day, huge volumes of data are generated by a plethora of devices including the internet, mobile, social media networks, sensors and more.

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