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How to master data governance

31-Mar-2021 07:55:09 / by Sarah Parker posted in Government Tech, DataOps, Government Digital services, data analysis, data-driven intelligence

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Data governance is not an IT strategy. It is a business strategy—an essential enterprise wide initiative that enables faster decisions and improves data quality. In the Public Sector, data governance must bring together key stakeholders across business and IT to link to enterprise outcomes and priorities. In this post, we’ll explore why data governance is important and explain how to implement it effectively in the public sector.

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Retail Reinvention: from DevOps to DataOps

25-Oct-2016 07:55:57 / by Pierson Broome posted in Retail, DataOps


The Retail sector has often been an innovator. Take the digitisation of product data through the use of barcodes. Prosaic little graphics which we all simply take for granted today, Retail barcode usage began in the mid 1970’s and revolutionised many aspects of how goods were manufactured, dispatched, tracked and sold. 


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