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What you ought to know about digital transformation risks

[fa icon="calendar'] 18-Jun-2018 13:54:53 / by Esperance Barreto posted in digital transformation

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Do you feel like you have all bases covered to make the organisational impact with your transformation programme? That it will be an easy tick in the box at the end of the project. You've got it all wrong then.

It’s no surprise then that over 80% of companies fail to some extent when delivering digital transformation.[1]  In this blog post, I've captured insights on digital transformation risks from Prahlad Koti, the Managing Director of our UK business. These recommendations are relevant whether you are embarking on a new transformation programme, and equally, if you need help with an existing or failing project.

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Has your IT partner equipped you for the digital age?

[fa icon="calendar'] 21-May-2018 21:42:11 / by Darren Milnes posted in digital transformation

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Following the success of our first internal Hackathon with Mastek, our key IT partner in June last year, we promised that we would run another one soon. Since it was a UK-based event, it was not available to our Mastek colleagues in Mumbai. Therefore, the concept of the first Together and Mastek Hackathon was born. This blog post captures my insights of the day without the use of too many techie terms along the way.



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Smart thinking about smart cities

[fa icon="calendar'] 07-May-2018 09:01:00 / by Paul Dykes posted in digital transformation, smart cities

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In recent years, we’ve had the pleasure of working with several local councils to support them in realising their digital ambitions. By translating ‘analogue’ council services into digital services, they’ve increased transparency and access to services while reducing costs. As satisfying as the involvement has been, we’re even more excited about what the future holds.

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Digital Channel Shift Predictor: The Business Case

[fa icon="calendar'] 02-Apr-2018 00:00:00 / by Gordon Cullum posted in digital transformation

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We recently helped a customer use machine learning concepts to build models for predicting how their customers will shift across channels. It is a significant milestone in our ability to help customers create their digital strategy and specifically, to build the business case for the channels that they should go after. Know more about this engagement here.

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The Role of Test Automation in Digital Transformation

[fa icon="calendar'] 11-Jan-2018 14:40:20 / by Pritpal Singh posted in digital transformation, test automation

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It sets the winners apart from the losers. Yes, test automation can revive flagging digital transformation projects and give new ones a head start. In fact, it is essential for enterprises to succeed in the digital age.

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How Cloud supports Enterprise Digital Transformation? | Blog Series | 3 of 3

[fa icon="calendar'] 18-Dec-2017 13:08:07 / by Neil Walker posted in digital transformation, cloud technology

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The ROI of Cloud Adoption

In this blog post, we identify the benefits that should be realised when adopting cloud to support a digital transformation. We look at the cloud factors described in Part 1 in relation to the benefits that you must calculate when considering agile and automation benefits.

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How Cloud supports Enterprise Digital Transformation? | Blog Series | 2 of 3

[fa icon="calendar'] 13-Dec-2017 16:55:31 / by Neil Walker posted in digital transformation, cloud technology

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Essential Cloud Provider Selection Criteria for Digital Transformation

Through this second blog in a series of three blogs, we focus on the key steps you must follow when considering cloud adoption to support digital transformation (Read Part 1 here). We will review factors to consider when moving to a cloud compute platform, in terms of the benefits and avenues for exploration.

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How Cloud supports Enterprise Digital Transformation? | Blog Series |1of 3

[fa icon="calendar'] 06-Dec-2017 12:39:55 / by Neil Walker posted in digital transformation

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Cloud computing as it is known today has existed for circa 60 years. Its most well adopted and referenced definition is from the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST), which states that ‘cloud computing is a model for enabling ubiquitous, convenient, on-demand network access to a shared pool of configurable computing resources (such as networks, servers, storage, applications and services) that can be rapidly provisioned and released with minimal management effort or service provider interaction.’


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Why Software Testing is David to the Goliath of Digital Transformation

[fa icon="calendar'] 12-Jun-2017 16:53:39 / by Percy Hilloo posted in Testing, digital transformation

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If you’re feeling overwhelmed by the need to respond to market dynamics with faster development cycles, then digital transformation could be your Goliath. It’s not surprising then that 70 percent of digital transformation programmes fail. This could be because of a lack of a well thought out digital testing strategy.

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Digital Transformation - saints and sinners

[fa icon="calendar'] 31-Oct-2016 16:20:20 / by Hazel M Jones posted in digital transformation

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Life before Agile

I remember the early days, starting out on my first online projects such as ‘Internet on TV’ and WAP.  The technology was new and exciting; however, the delivery methodology was very much old in comparison to today’s scrum teams.  It was back in the day of functional design, work packages and task management.  The days of departmental silos and politics, when position and department defined the virtual hierarchy of the project team; and it paid to take the time to build internal relationships.  Internal relationships were paramount to ensure smooth running of the project.  Personalities of key stakeholders in the business had so much sway that the majority of my time would be spent planning on how to manage attendance, sign off and buy in.  Then came Digital…

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