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Speed and Impact — How Lets You Have Both

19-Jun-2024 01:33:05 / by Anuradha Mhatre

Anuradha Mhatre



Speed of deployment.  

Instant impact.  

Seamless integration with existing platforms without any disruptions. 

These are dream outcomes for organizations where ITSM performance is concerned.    

Here is where virtually changes the game. It assumes the roles of multiple agents that analyze tickets in real-time on a 24x7 basis. Its generative NLP technology unfolds actionable insights from hidden data, soaring beyond ticket management to become an AI-powered resolution hub. tellingly answers the ‘what’s-in-it-for-me’ question for organizations in multi-dimensional ways. It predicts and flags potential performance problems much before they become issues. Its AI-driven analysis dynamically correlates disparate performance data to pinpoint root causes instantly. Its AI algorithms automatically remediate incidents without human intervention — and its ML algorithms show how changes impact the dynamic IT landscape. Its intelligent routing enables contextual alerting and minimizes the meantime to detect.

Result?  Increased first-touch resolution, improved efficiency with real-time diagnostic data, and minimized escalation — all at reduced cost and downtime.  

You can call it comprehensive process mining that transforms ITSM into a fine-tuned performance engine. Workflows are mapped, inefficiencies are pinpointed accurately, and optimization opportunities are unveiled. In a nutshell, tactical efficiency is elevated to strategic decision-making.  

In today’s competitive landscape, businesses demand intelligent solutions that not only adapt to their unique data environment but also deliver value quickly and cost-effectively. checks all the boxes perfectly. It augments existing ITSM tools (such as ServiceNow) to deliver an unparalleled combination of speed, efficiency, affordability, and intelligence.  

  • 1. It can be up and running in just two weeks, complete with custom machine-learning models, apps and insights. 
  • 2. With a low annual subscription and zero implementation (or hidden) costs, it achieves cost-effective excellence. 
  • 3. Fully loaded with AI models (tailored to an organization’s data), a full suite of apps, and insights boards (to immediately leverage augmented data), it transforms existing ITSM operational data into tactical and strategic intelligence to boost ITSM performance. 
  • 4. Its intelligence can be consumed by users and teams in diverse and versatile ways — intelligence boards, email alerts, automated reports & notifications in Slack or Teams. 
  • 5. It can also be leveraged to augment operational tools such as RPAs, chatbots and ongoing ITSM workflows to accelerate an organization’s hyper-automation journey.  

Swish is all about looking at the big picture and ensuring that optimal experience is consistent across every aspect of the organization. Technology, people, and processes work in positive tandem to provide a comprehensive understanding of the service experience, make better-informed decisions to drive continuous improvement, and maintain high consistency across all touchpoints.

From operational directors and CIOs to service desk managers and application managers, Swish AI has something to offer for everyone. MetricNet’s evaluation of affirms that it creates ROI for an enterprise in terms of both hard dollar savings in the direct cost of ITSM, and the monetized value of productivity improvements that customers of ITSM realize.   

The proof of the pudding is in the eating, they say. And the numbers narrate a compelling story. 50% reduction in the mean time to resolve, 36% in annual savings, and 130% improvement in first contact resolution — these are indeed impactful outcomes.  Most importantly, organizations appreciate the fresh AI-driven perspective that this solution offers on their data for accurately informed decision-making (that was previously inaccessible), with automation and operational simplicity. 

AI-driven ITSM is truly a game changer in many ways. Not only does it enhance operational efficiency, but also builds tremendous business resilience.   

If you are keen to unlock AI in ITSM with, please drop us a mail. 


Topics: Digital Transformation, AI, IT service management (ITSM), ML

Anuradha Mhatre

Written by Anuradha Mhatre

Anuradha is a seasoned Business Leader with over a quarter-century of industry experience, recognized for her prowess in achieving impactful outcomes. Specializing in Managed Services, she is esteemed for her innovative approaches and strategic endeavors that elevate operational efficiency, drive growth and profitability. Anuradha excels in delivering continuous value through pervasive automation, self-healing systems, and business accelerators within the realm of Managed Services. As a passionate advocate for customer success and process optimization, she leverages the power of hyperscalers and AI Ops to ensure enhanced observability and seamless orchestration. With her thought leadership and foresightedness, She has successfully implemented optimal target operating models for several prestigious customers enabling them to surpass industry trends, adapt to evolving market demands, and maintain a competitive edge. With a robust track record in executing enterprise-wide, large-scale transformation programs, transitions, and development projects, Anuradha possesses a profound understanding of global delivery dynamics, engagement models, and contractual frameworks. Driven by a relentless passion for driving customer success, Anuradha remains at the forefront of today's technological and digital trends. Her insights enable her to adeptly navigate global markets across both public and private sectors, ensuring unparalleled value creation.

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