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Ramesh Mohanakumaran

Ramesh is a Programme Director at Mastek. He is passionate about process improvements and helping Enterprises in their Digital Transformation journey.

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The What, Why and Where of Robotic Process Automation

12-Mar-2019 09:40:39 / by Ramesh Mohanakumaran posted in RPA



Ever wondered how changes in the macroeconomicscenarios are making corporations turn their attention to the finer aspects of execution? This is being done by inspecting the levers that change the microeconomic landscape.

Existing levers such as Cost, Quality and Time (triple constraints) are now more of a hygiene factor and not a WOW factor or differentiator.  This added to the fact that humans, as rational beings often find delivering repetitive tasks a source of boredom that takes away the focus from core activities. 

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