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Overcome QA challenges with BDD test automation | Blog Series | 3 of 3

04-Jul-2018 06:04:49 / by Kalpana Pahwa posted in Test Automation


In my previous blog in this series, I shared approaches to help respond to business challenges around quality through testing in BDD and effective test automation. In this final blog, I will highlight a key solution and its benefits to address these challenges.


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Challenges to overcome through testing in BDD | Blog Series | 2 of 3

29-Apr-2018 23:06:00 / by Kalpana Pahwa posted in Test Automation

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In my first blog in this series, I highlighted key business challenges that enterprises must address in order to maximise the value of test automation. (Read Blog 1 here). In this blog, I’ll share approaches to help respond to the business challenges around quality issues and the relevance of test automation in BDD (Behaviour Driven Development).

Let us look at the resolution to the challenges that we discussed in my earlier blog post.


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The Why and How of BDD-friendly Test Automation

09-Apr-2018 14:05:39 / by Sailaja Chinnabuggannagari posted in Test Automation


“It doesn’t matter how good you are today; if you’re not better next month, you are no longer agile,” says Mike Cohn, one of the founders of the Scrum Alliance. Agile methodologies are increasingly finding their place in software projects worldwide.

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The Role of Test Automation in Digital Transformation

11-Jan-2018 08:40:20 / by Pritpal Singh posted in Digital Transformation, Test Automation


It sets the winners apart from the losers. Yes, test automation can revive flagging digital transformation projects and give new ones a head start. In fact, it is essential for enterprises to succeed in the digital age.

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