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The Trust of Expertise Behind Value and Velocity in Digital Transformation

22-Apr-2024 09:05:07 / by Vikas Surani

Vikas Surani


In the previous blogs, we saw the value and velocity that digital transformation can deliver. As powerful as these two attributes are, there is one factor that strongly roots them for success — and that is the TRUST of EXPERTISE.   

 That is why I undertook a curious journey of learning from the best and getting certified in Advanced Digital Transformation Specialization from Indian Institute of Management (IIM), Ahmedabad. And what a journey it has been! Over the past three months, under the guidance of Prof. Pankaj Setia, I've delved intensively into over 100 hours of strategic insights, leadership lessons, and cutting-edge transformation models.  

From a leader’s perspective, I could dive into the deep purpose behind digital evolution and explore the freedom of digital possibilities and the creation of intelligent ecosystems. I learnt about the strategic maneuvers needed to navigate the challenges of the digital landscape — and how digital capabilities can be harnessed to foster growth and break down barriers. We explored the DaWoGoMo model, which guides organizations to evolve, innovate, and grow — through transformation of digital architectures, work, governance, and business models.  

Transformation opened up in various and amazing dimensions. 

  • In digital architecture, that enables organizations to craft strategies for dynamic, customer-centric outcomes — with real-world examples in cybersecurity, cloud services, and innovative practices 
  • At work, to redefine organizations as agile, adaptive systems — and integrate technology for heightened efficiency and innovation 
  • In forging newer paths to governance excellence, with technology-led decision-making  
  • In creating transformative business models on digital platforms, drawing inspiration from case studies of industry giants — and understanding stakeholder dynamics 
  • In leveraging culture as a potent force in digital transformation efforts ad initiatives  

Personally, I have been able to elevate my role as a digital leader to that of an expert and effective brand champion for Mastek. This learning has well expanded my skills and capabilities in digital transformation strategies and execution to guide the Mastek brand towards innovation and thought leadership. I feel extremely confident and excited to enhance our clients’ trust in us, as we partner them in their journey to digital excellence.  


Topics: Digital Transformation, strategy, leadership, thoughtleadership

Vikas Surani

Written by Vikas Surani

Global Presales Director Passionate about driving Digital Transformation

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