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Scrum is dangerous. How responsible are you?

[fa icon="calendar"] 08-Feb-2016 11:30:00 / by Laurence Wood

Agile Rugby
Dylan hit the ground pretty hard…. He smacked his head and his rugby helmet was in my bag. “It itches Dad!”…. At least he had his gum shield in...

My son is also a rugby player called Dylan and it’s hard to see him get hurt. It's difficult to know which risks are okay for a youngster. But every game sees him stronger and better. Rugby builds his confidence. He knows about the strength of a team – literally. He gets better, so he works harder. He listens to his coaches. They are generous, patient, keen volunteers - great role models. They love to see him play well. His club runs medical training so lots of members are medics. He has the right team around him. And the right tools for the job - if only he would use them.

So what has this got to do with teams? Especially Agile Software Development teams?

What risks can your teams take?
Do you ‘fail fast’?

Is your environment so ‘safe’ that nobody bothers to innovate?
Can people take real risks?

Can you bear to let someone trip?
To help them get up stronger?

With the right tools, the right confidence, and the right friends around to catch us when we fall we can all run faster. Dylan is fine now – but we expect more bumps!

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