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8 signs You Should Invest in Test Automation

25-Sep-2017 08:12:01 / by Pritpal Singh posted in Testing


It’s time to wake up and smell the coffee. Especially if you think that you can deliver high quality, reduce costs and improve time-to-market only with manual testing. According to the World Quality Report of 2016-17, manual testing is a key application development challenge.

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The Importance of Digital User Experience Testing

24-Jul-2017 09:23:30 / by Percy Hilloo posted in Testing


It’s never going to be business as usual! The move to digital has changed that. With consumer preference for shopping online increasing, businesses are expected to respond to growing needs.

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Why Software Testing is David to the Goliath of Digital Transformation

12-Jun-2017 10:53:39 / by Percy Hilloo posted in Testing, Digital Transformation


If you’re feeling overwhelmed by the need to respond to market dynamics with faster development cycles, then digital transformation could be your Goliath. It’s not surprising then that 70 percent of digital transformation programmes fail. This could be because of a lack of a well thought out digital testing strategy.

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How Shift-Left Testing Can Provide the Wow Factor

21-Oct-2015 06:37:00 / by Sandeep Dongre posted in Retail, Vertical Vibe, Testing


As Jeff Bezos rightly said, “If we can keep our competitors focused on us while we stay focused on the customer, ultimately we'll turn out all right.” An isolated, unhappy customer experience can undo a brand reputation that may have taken years to build. Whether it is online, mobile or offline, digital technology is a key factor in creating a cohesive customer experience.

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