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Safeguard your Intelligent Automation delivery

28-Jan-2021 05:00:00 / by Sarah Parker

Sarah Parker

It is clear that intelligent automation can alleviate the pressure on public services in difficult times.

But what about the actual delivery of the project?

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Deloitte have found that 63% of surveyed organisations do not meet delivery deadlines for RPA projects. An EY study established that 30% to 50% of initial RPA projects fail.

The IDC has predicted that spending in Artificial Intelligence will accelerate across the public sector due to social distancing and the impact of Covid-19.

So, to safeguard investments in intelligent automation, government departments need to apply core principles to implementation and delivery. It’s critical to recognise that this is a cultural change as much as it is a technological change.

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You need to make sure that your suppliers don’t over promise to win the contract. This can seriously damage stakeholder trust and make it much harder to obtain future buy-in and investment.

Naturally, diving into an organisation wide transformation without planning and collaboration can be a disaster. So, don’t do it. Instead, focus on starting with the automation of a few basic processes—not only is the ROI quick, but employees will see the difference first-hand and this will help to drive cultural change.

How will you make sure that your intelligent automation efforts pay off?

We’ve created a 30 page guide with UiPath to ensure that your RPA delivers agreed outcomes and leaves a lasting impression.




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Sarah Parker

Written by Sarah Parker

Sarah L. Parker is Head of Strategic Content at Mastek.

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