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Master Your Craft: Unveiling the Power of Oracle Grow's Personalized Learning Recommendations

10-Jun-2024 06:47:01 / by Meet Bhavsar

Meet Bhavsar



The Ever-Changing Workplace Demands Continuous Learning 

The professional landscape is constantly evolving. Staying relevant requires adaptability, resilience, and a commitment to lifelong learning. Regardless of your field, from marketing to finance, upskilling and reskilling are essential for career growth and personal development. This is equally important for organizations, whose skills need to adapt alongside new business priorities. 

Today's ideal employee experience fosters a connection between personalized learning, career mobility, and upskilling priorities. This translates to increased productivity, employee retention, and organizational agility. However, without the right tools, employees can struggle to find growth opportunities. They may lack development insights, rely on informal networks for information, and have difficulty aligning their talents with business goals. 

Introducing Oracle Grow: A Unified Platform for Learning and Growth 

Oracle Grow is a comprehensive platform that unifies learning, skill development, and career mobility for employees. It empowers you to take charge of your professional journey – both within and beyond your current role. 

Personalized Learning Made Easy 

This platform provides a personalized experience that tackles common challenges. It acts as a one-stop shop for all your career needs, helping you continuously align your skills with evolving business priorities. Oracle Grow curates personalized learning opportunities, allowing you to craft your own development path, potentially incorporating external resources. As your role changes, your learning recommendations automatically update to reflect your new responsibilities. 

Gone are the days of relying solely on personal connections to explore career options. Oracle Grow empowers you to identify multiple career paths within your organization. These paths may include tailored development opportunities such as on-the-job training through projects, mentorship with career ambassadors, or following predefined role guides that translate into structured learning journeys. With Oracle Grow, you can acquire the right skills and experiences to achieve your career aspirations. 

Career Paths Made Easy: Matching Skills with Aspirations 



Imagine Marie, an employee who utilizes Oracle Grow's personalized learning recommendations. The platform leverages AI to suggest learning paths based on her interests, career goals, and dynamic skills.

Marie can then add these suggestions to her development plan to discuss with her manager during their one-on-one meeting. 

Marie is also able to see how she can progress her career from currently being a Business Process Manager to a Senior Manager and beyond with Oracle Grow’s Career Path feature. 

Closing the Skills Gap: Oracle Grow for Business Leaders 

Business leaders like Marie can also leverage Oracle Grow. The platform allows them to personalize skill requirements for various roles and guide team development through ongoing learning conversations. They can even assign specific skills to individuals, enabling the organization to rapidly address skill gaps and maintain momentum. 


As employees begin to develop the new skills and qualifications outlined by Marie, she can track their progress and feel confident in leading a skilled workforce prepared to achieve the organization's goals. 



How do you get started with Oracle Grow? 

While Oracle Learning Cloud is the starting point for Oracle Grow, the true power lies in unlocking its full potential. Think of Oracle Dynamic Skills as a tool to reveal hidden talent within your teams. Career Development and Profile Management features empower employees to take ownership of their career paths. Additionally, consider integrating Journeys, Opportunity Marketplace, and Connections to create a dynamic learning ecosystem that fosters continuous engagement and future-proofs your workforce. Don't settle for the basic functionalities – unleash the full power of Oracle Grow! 

More details here. 


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Meet Bhavsar

Written by Meet Bhavsar

Meet is an Oracle Certified HCM Solution Architect with over a decade of experience designing, delivering, and implementing HCM solutions globally. From pre-sales consultations that identify client needs to meticulously designed and implemented solutions, Meet's expertise spans the entire HCM lifecycle. He has primarily worked in UK, EMEA and APAC as part of his experience. Meet is a trusted advisor who understands the complexities of HR management. Meet is a very active member of the Oracle Cloud Customer Connect community and works closely with customers, Oracle, and their partners. He was also awarded as a Top Problem Solver and Top Active Member for 2020 by the Oracle Customer Connect community and is currently a Gold Crown member.

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