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Vijaykumar is a Performance Test Architect at Mastek. He is passionate about performance testing and engineering and techniques to improve application performance coverage.

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The importance of assessing application performance testing risks

[fa icon="calendar'] 07-Dec-2018 18:03:50 / by Vijaykumar Jadav posted in Testing

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Every software application is different. As such, not all applications need to be performance tested. Additionally, the same application may not require repeated performance testing for every release/cycle. This begs the question, ‘under what conditions will an application need performance testing?’

Identifying risks to the performance of an application is a good way to start. You should look at risk factors that include the user population, application type, application technology and changes to the application features and function. Let’s look at each of these in detail.

1. User population

Individuals who use your application are crucial to helping you make the decision on its risk potential. This becomes even more important if your customer base is continually growing. You should ask the following questions:

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To tool or not to: JMeter performance testing

[fa icon="calendar'] 22-Nov-2018 23:22:29 / by Vijaykumar Jadav posted in Testing

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The selection of a performance and load testing tool is not one that you can easily make. It should be chosen based on a number of factors including application type, number of users, organisational preferences, timelines, technical expertise and the IT landscape (which includes existing and future technologies such as mobile, cloud, IoT and big data).

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Performance Testing Parameters for Various Mobile App Types

[fa icon="calendar'] 28-Aug-2018 14:26:34 / by Vijaykumar Jadav

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Whether it is for travel, health, banking, shopping, playing or sleeping there’s an app for every need. The world is witnessing an increasing rise in the use of mobile apps – a figure that exceeds a billion, if you take the combined count of applications in the Apple App Store and on Google Play. Add to that, most large enterprises also create mobile apps for employees to use internally. With multiple mobile apps competing for the user’s attention, delivering a high quality application is essential to success.

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