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Why integrated architectures deliver a seamless Government as a Platform service

19-Oct-2015 09:14:00 / by Sameer Jadhav

Sameer Jadhav

Ever heard of the idiom, all dressed up and nowhere to go? As part of its digital strategy, the UK Government’s focus on frontline services has almost been achieved with several of the services now live or deployed in public betas.

As a next step in delivering public sector digital platforms, the future holds considerable promise in providing shared services across departments. But, how can each department, which generally operate in silos make the Government as a Platform service a reality?

Create A Platform for Successful Collaboration

Public sector departments should consider core principles in the context of developing an integrated government platform architecture. These principles serve to address the various concerns around complex services, security, system duplication, single view and many more. As a result, an effective platform can be built through which public sector departments can collaborate. 

Mastek’s report on the ‘Quest for Digital Transformation’ offers several high level concepts for designing platform architectures across government service offerings. These recommendations are aimed at improving user experience through design, modernisation and integration whilst taking cognizance of existing legacy platforms and assessing the viability of commercial and open source systems.

Read the complete report here to avoid costly IT architecture mistakes that will be difficult to resolve later.

Download your report If you have additional questions or would like to know more about how Mastek’s Government Solutions can make shared services a reality for your department, get in touch with Sameer Jadhav - Enterprise Architect at

Sameer Jadhav

Written by Sameer Jadhav

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