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Unveiling the Galaxy Suite: Your Data Modernization Tool Kit

31-May-2024 05:50:42 / by Raman Awal

Raman Awal



The Problem: Stuck in Data Migration Mud

Modernizing your data estate can feel like wading through a swamp. It's slow, resource-intensive, and lacks the tools to truly excel in critical areas like code conversion and data quality. These lengthy processes, often stretching into years, can stifle innovation and hinder your journey to a modern data landscape.

Introducing Galaxy Suite: A Paradigm Shift in Data Modernization

At Mastek, we're committed to continuous innovation. That's why we're thrilled to unveil the Galaxy Suite, a comprehensive set of solution accelerators designed to propel your data modernization journey forward.

This suite of six powerful components seamlessly integrates to streamline every stage of the migration process, saving you time, resources, and ensuring exceptional results.

The Galaxy Suite: Your Essential Toolkit

  • Data Discovery: This module acts as your data map, offering a clear view of your data sources. Gain valuable insights into table size, database metrics, and object analysis to make informed migration decisions.
  • Code Converter: Say goodbye to manual code conversion headaches. The Galaxy Suite effortlessly translates code, e.g: Store Procedures to Snowflake UDFs and dbt macros, ensuring a smooth transition across platforms. Imagine the permutation you may have to convert depending on your legacy estate.
  • Data Cleansing: Maintain pristine data quality throughout your migration with the Data Cleansing module. Utilizing precise business rules, this module meticulously cleanses your data, eliminating duplicates and null values.
  • Data Ingestion: Move your on-premises data with ease. The Data Ingestion module seamlessly transfers data from sources like MySQL, SQL Server, Oracle & more to modern data lakes like S3 and ADLS, optimizing storage and management.
  • Data Migration Module: Migrate your data with confidence. The Data Migration module reliably transfers data from data lakes to your target destinations, such as Snowflake, ensuring a seamless transition to your new platform.
  • Data Reconciliation: Guarantee data accuracy with automated assertions. The Data Reconciliation module helps compare data between source and target systems, empowering you to identify and rectify any discrepancies.

The Galaxy Effect: Launch Your Data Modernization Journey to New Heights

The Galaxy Suite delivers impactful results, propelling your data modernization initiatives forward:

  • Effort Savings: Reduce project effort by an estimated 25-35%, allowing you to redeploy resources for further innovation.
  • Improved Efficiency: Streamlined workflows and automated tasks accelerate project delivery timelines.
  • Enhanced Data Quality: Automated data cleansing ensures the integrity of your data throughout the entire migration process.

With Galaxy Suite, your project teams can confidently deliver data modernization initiatives faster, more efficiently, and with a guaranteed focus on data quality. Are you ready to take your data modernization to the next level?

Contact Mastek today and let's discuss how the Galaxy Suite can empower your journey to a modern data landscape.


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Raman Awal

Written by Raman Awal

Raman Awal, SVP & Global Practice Head at Mastek, brings over 25 years of expertise in building and scaling successful Data Analytics & AI (DA&AI) practices. He has demonstrated successful leadership through P&L responsibility for global data-focused practices, managing consulting, program delivery, partnership management, and ensuring client satisfaction.

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