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Transform, Package & Deploy faster and secure with DevSecOps

29-Jul-2021 01:47:52 / by Bhavin Shah

Bhavin Shah

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Do you practice DevOps?

It is time to take complete advantage of its agility and responsiveness by including security as an integral part of the entire app life cycle.

Integrate and automate security in your DevOps practice

Many organizations aim to shorten their system’s development life cycle and provide continuous delivery with high software quality. Where DevOps combine a system’s software development and IT operations, the Security team catches the bug & vulnerability during the development stage so that the end sure won’t be facing any errors after the release of the application. It safeguards the application release and the company’s reputation in the public market.

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Today, all organizations having a DevOps framework should strive to adopt the DevSecOps mindset, taking individuals of all skill levels and from all technology disciplines to a higher level of proficiency in security.

While DevSecOps practices can lengthen the development time of an application in the initial stage, it will ensure that the codebase is secure from the beginning. Teams will soon benefit from increased writing and delivery speed for secure codebases once DevSecOps is set in continuous practice, and security is completely integrated into the development process.

DevSecOps is a framework that integrates security to any application and infrastructure that is built on the methodology of DevOps and ensures that an application is less vulnerable and ready to use. Thus, DevSecOps - development, security, and operations - automating the integration of security at every phase of a software development lifecycle, from initial designing to integration, testing, deployment, and software delivery.3 - Devsecops-01

A definition of DevSecOps by Gartner states -

DevSecOps is the integration of security into emerging agile IT and DevOps development as seamlessly and as transparently as possible. Ideally, this is done without reducing the agility or speed of developers or requiring them to leave their development toolchain environment.

Recent Trends in DevSecOps?

As the world witnessed record breaches in 2020,leading organisations initiated the integration and automation of security practices throughout their software development life cycle to better fortify applications and protect their data.

       ♦ A recent 2021 survey by GitLab on Mapping the DevSecOps Landscape says:

- 11.5% of organizations reported that they used AI/ML in DevOps.
- 70% of security professionals reported their organizations' security efforts were strong.
- Nearly 60% deploy it either multiple times a day, once a day, or once every few days.                         That’s up from 45% last year.

        ♦ As per the survey’s top Development findings

- DevOps = faster releases
- If you’re a developer, DevSecOps just works. Nearly 83% of them report they’re releasing
code more quickly.         

         ♦ As per top Security findings

- DevSecOps = changing roles
- Security can be found on cross-functional teams and working closely in collaboration with developers, both of which represent a significant change from the past.

It further said: After what seemed like an eternity of being outsiders looking into software development, security pros now report their roles are beginning to change. Nearly 28% reported being part of a crossfunctional team focused on security (perhaps really putting the “sec” in DevSecOps).

Let’s have a look at DevSecOps Community Survey 2020 by Sonatype in which experienced IT professionals from all over the world took part.

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DevSecOps Market is forecast to reach $6.5 billion by 2025, after growing at a CAGR of 28.85% during 2020-2025. The growing need for higher secure continuous application delivery and the increased focus on security on security and compliance are the major growth factors for the DevSecOps market.

Let’s understand the Importance of DevSecOps and its Benefits

The methodologies of DevOps and DevSecOps have many similar aspects such as the use of automation and continuous processes to create collaborative development cycles.

However, while DevOps prioritizes delivery speed, DevSecOps shifts security to the left.

It is an integration of automated security with an organization’s DevOps practice.

It validates all the components of a codebase without slowing down the development lifecycle. 

Imagine a fully loaded features car without safety and security features. Would you prefer to buy it?

Even though the car developed with top-notch features and mechanisms, you still have your doubts considering the chances of accidents. Consumer's top priority is always been the security provided by the car.

Similar is the case while developing a software application, where a car is an application and integrating security into its infrastructure is just as important as having a safety belt to your car seats. Your DevOps framework requires automated security integrated with its development and operational functions, to protect your application from any kind of cyber accidents and hacks that may occur. The DevSecOps helps identify security issues early in the development process rather than after an application is set for customers to use. It aims is to address the need for proactive, customer-focused security that anticipates, rather than reacts to data breaches or other cyberattacks.

Benefits achieved by organisations:

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If you are contemplating a major DevSecOps transformation or a modest improvement to your current software delivery pipeline, it is important to assess where you stand, how far you have already progressed, and what challenges remain.

Mastek has extensive experience in Automated Infrastructure Provisioning, Migration Services, Integrated Security, Governance, and Quality Engineering to accelerate DevSecOps with Microsoft Azure.

We adopt a maturity roadmap for the transformation of an organization’s DevOps framework. Using our iterative DevACT (Assess, Consult, Transform) framework, we partner with you in building a DevSecOps roadmap with maturity assessment, chart your best route forward and support your transformation across people, processes, and technology.

We provide a framework for incremental, comprehensive transformation, supporting your organization on its DevSecOps journey by understanding, exploring, practising, maturing and then innovating the best-suited roadmap to mature your DevOps framework.

Mature Your DevOps Framework with Mastek’s DevACT Approach!

Mastek with its comprehensive assessment approach empowers organzations on their DevSecOps journey by using services like Azure’s Secure DevOps. Mastek provides a complete service to evalute software delivery approach which generates valueable insights on creating culture, innovate faster, secure by design ideas using DevSecOps assessment service.

Enfolding immense experience in DevSecOps implementation, Mastek has been a key differentiator in helping various organizations to practice DevSecOps across geographies and built a cultural base on trust and engagement. With these implementations customer have achieved many benefits including modernizing the existing legacy system for a mortgage farm, improvement in application rollout time for a retail supply chain, auto-deployment strategy for a credit and digital provider of consumer finance, saving of testing costs, and regression effort with reduced technical debt for a leading home credit providers, etc. Mastek is a key enabler of DevSecOps across various public sectors by delivering increased velocity and deployment frequency, adopting DevSecOps culture, customized CI/CD framework to address specific needs, etc.


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Bhavin Shah

Written by Bhavin Shah

Dynamic and results-driven Technology leader with over 25+ years of global experience (US, UK, ME, IN) in business enablement, GTM strategy, software delivery for new age technology service offerings. Bhavin has been instrumental in building AWS, DevSecOps, Quality Engineering practices with focus on Market Making, Capability creation and Lead to Cash Cycle. Bhavin is r esponsible for Global P&L Management, Competency Building, Talent Development, Pipeline Enablement, Develop Value Propositions aligned to strategic growth objectives of the Service Line organization.

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