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Wave Analytics for Android

22-Mar-2023 08:43:32 / by Ravikumar Kuppusamy


Android devices are most commonly used among customers worldwide. Customers need quick access to their data. For such needs, there comes a feature called Wave Analytics for Android using the common Mobile Device Management (MDM). Wave analytics has Read-only dashboards on mobile and it can support Apps, dashboards, and lenses.



Wave Analytics just need a Wi-Fi or data connection for processing. With the help of Wave Analytics, every customer can get instant responses from any data source.

This article shows how to access the Wave Analytics components like apps, lenses and dashboards using android mobile and the Salesforce Wave Analytics app.

We can only view the dashboards and lenses in the Salesforce Wave Analytics app using android mobile.


Install the “ Salesforce Wave Analytics” app from Google Play.

Supported Versions 

Android 5 and later versions.


Pre-requisites: (Desktop view) 

         1. Wave Analytics application should be created for the specific user who is going to use this app in android mobile.
         2. Apps should be created by using the app creation wizard.

By default, we can see three apps present in the wizard:

a) My Private App – as the name suggests it is visible only to us

b) Shared App – available to everyone in our org who has access to wave

c) My DTC Sales – sample app created (in developer edition)

We can also create different apps for different teams across your organization and can provide access to them based on our needs.

wave analytics for android
         3. Datasets should be created by using any data source like Salesforce, csv, or Informatica.wave analytics for android
wave analytics for android
         4. Create Lenses.
         5. Dashboards should be created for the dataset.

The dashboard is an effective tool in Salesforce which provides an interactive view of data. Wave dashboard designer helps us to design our apps more easily and quickly. We can also create a customized layout for supporting multiple devices across many platforms. Wave dashboard designs provide many additional features than the classic designer. And one notable feature is we can create layouts for multiple devices.

Main elements present in the dashboard designer:

Selection-Based Filters
         1. Key Performance Indicators
         2. Charts
         3. Tables

The below screen shot shows the available templates while creating a new dashboard.

wave analytics for android

Following are the steps to use Wave Analytics on your android mobile

      1. Install Salesforce Wave Analytics app in your android mobile.
wave analytics for android
          2. Click on that app.
          3. Provide your login credentials for the Salesforce instance.
wave analytics for android

The user will be navigated to APPS tab.

Mobile App View

       1. Apps

The created app is available in mobile phone.

wave analytics for android
wave analytics for android
       2. Lenses

Click on the App Analytical created using desktop view. The user would be navigated to Analytical Wave App which contains the Dashboards and Lenses under this app. The below screen shot shows Lenses

wave analytics for android
       3. Dashboards

The below screen shot shows the view of Dashboard in mobile view

wave analytics for android


  • It’s a secure, cloud-based platform.
  • It’s mobile first.
  • Data can be accessed in mobile without any help from IT.


  • Components are in read-only mode.
  • Cannot share or modify the components from this app.


This article illustrates how to use Wave Analytics in an Android mobile device.

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