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Snowflake Data and Cloud Summit 2024: Highlights and Key Takeaways

14-Jun-2024 05:39:00 / by Raman Awal

Raman Awal



Snowflake Summit 2024 brought thousands of data and cloud enthusiasts and thought leaders on the same platform from across the globe. The 4-day event starting June 03, was a great opportunity for the industry leaders to network and get a sneak peek at the data and cloud transformation trends.  

As a Snowflake Premier Partner, Mastek exhibited at the event (booth #2307) and had the chance to interact with modern business leaders – understand their concerns and suggest solutions that enable them to unlock the exact power of data and the cloudAlso, we had productive whiteboarding sessions with new prospects, aligned with Snowflake on the go-to-market (GTM) front, and discovered some exciting new product offerings that we can integrate into our solutions. 

Snowflake Data and Cloud Summit 2024 – Key Takeaways 

The Snowflake Data and Cloud Summit 2024 focused on the convergence of AI, Applications and Data Collaboration. 

  • Enterprise AI Adoption - Snowflake positions itself as a facilitator for bringing AI to businesses. Features like Nvidia AI integration and no-code/low-code development in Cortex AI aim to make AI accessible across an organization. 
  • Focus on Security & Governance - Data privacy controls and secure AI practices within the Data Cloud to ensure responsible AI development. 
  • Collaboration: Balancing data sharing & collaboration with user privacy was the major theme. 
  • Innovation & Advancements: The summit showed progress in Apache Iceberg tables (scalability), generative AI (data exploration), and data streaming. 

Below is a quick overview of the promising Snowflake products that were showcased at the event.  

  • Snowflake Marketplace – Discover and share data and services from partners (data sets, applications and AI products) within Data Cloud to facilitate faster data sourcing and collaboration. The marketplace connects you with 580 providers offering more than 2,500 live ready-to-use data, apps and AI products.  
  • Snowflake Horizon - Manage and discover data objects (tables, schemas, apps, models) stored in Snowflake to improve data governance, collaboration, and time to insights. Drive extensive insights quickly by accessing the right data across the cloud and applications seamlessly.  
  • Snowflake Cortex AI - A suite of features that simplify AI development and use for businesses – that includes Large Language Models for data analysis, natural language interaction with data, and an AI-powered assistant for SQL workflows. Extend data governance and compliance across every business model by utilizing the Snowflake Cortex AI – a comprehensive managed services stack.  
  • Snowflake Arctic - A family of large language models specifically designed for enterprise needs. It excels in tasks like SQL code generation and code assistance, making it valuable for data scientists and developers. Its open approach to licensing and research fosters collaboration within the AI community. 
  • Snowflake Polaris Catalog – An open-source catalog specifically for Apache Iceberg tables creating a central registry stored across engines and cloud platforms. The Polaris Catalog promises to offer an extended level of choice, flexibility, and tight control over the data with elevated security levels and smooth interoperability between Apache Iceberg, Amazon Web Services (AWS), Confluent, Dremio, Google Cloud, Microsoft Azure, Salesforce and more.  
  • Snowflake Copilot (Private Preview): An AI-powered assistant designed to help data analysts and generate SQL queries based on your natural language descriptions and refine and improve existing SQL queries through conversation.  

These highlights and other solutions demonstrated at the Snowflake Summit demonstrate Snowflake’s commitment to empowering modern businesses to unleash the real power of data and cloud modernization.  

If you want to dive deep into the nuances of Snowflake solutions or want to kickstart your data and cloud modernization journey, get in touch with us today!   


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Raman Awal

Written by Raman Awal

Raman Awal, SVP & Global Practice Head at Mastek, brings over 25 years of expertise in building and scaling successful Data Analytics & AI (DA&AI) practices. He has demonstrated successful leadership through P&L responsibility for global data-focused practices, managing consulting, program delivery, partnership management, and ensuring client satisfaction.

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