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Sneak Peek into Artificial Intelligence in Oracle HCM

24-May-2024 07:43:12 / by Suda Vra

Suda Vra




What is this new buzzword AI or Artificial Intelligence and how does it impact the Oracle landscape?  

Let's have a brief look into the AI features of Oracle HCM and the key differences between Adaptive and Generative AI 

What is AI? – Artificial Intelligence as we all know helps us compute and automate (to an extent) our tasks and processes. 

AI in the Oracle HCM landscape, as defined, is an integration of AI technologies within their Oracle HCM Cloud Suite. AI in Oracle HCM enhances the HR processes and in turn, improves the turnaround time in a healthy way. 

Artificial Intelligence in Oracle HCM encompasses: 

  • Adaptive Intelligence  
  • Gen AI (AI Assist)  

What is Adaptive Intelligence in Oracle HCM?  

Adaptive Intelligence is part of Artificial Intelligence and has silently sneaked into the Oracle HCM suite and we have been using it without even realising it & without adapting to Redwood. 

Adaptive Intelligence examples in Oracle HCM are: 

  • Time to Hire (ORC) 
  • Suggested Candidates (ORC) 
  • Career paths (Talent) 
  • Performance Summary (Talent) 
  • Goal setting (Talent) 
  • Journeys – Generate Surveys (Core HR)  

 image (7)

What is Gen AI in Oracle HCM? 

Gen AI (AI Assist) is one of the built-in features in the Redwood -Oracle HCM suite.  

It enhances the overall capability & productivity of the suite, resulting in streamlining of HR processes. And this is just the beginning. Being powered by OCI (Oracle Cloud Infrastructure), it is sure to become more robust with time.   

Leveraging OCI – LLM (Large Language Model) computing can be achieved with high performance at a low or reasonably low cost. Additionally, Gen AI ensures end-to-end security, helping user businesses to be in total control of their data.   

Classic examples of GEN AI (AI Assist in Oracle HCM) 

  • Insightful suggestions to Manager/ Employee/ Admin for decision-making– based on pre-existing data. This is only a suggestion, and it can be edited 
  • Analysing and recommending performance goals for employees 
  • Learner courses suggestions-based team recommendation and help in resolving talent profile gap 
  • Receiving feedback comments from all users (employees, line managers, participants) that experience the Gen- AI aka AI Assist feature 
  • Summary of Job Description in the ORC module 
  • Receiving HR Helpdesk's assistance for developing knowledge articles with minimal efforts from the users - backed with data inferences.  

 Gen_AI (1) 

In conclusion, the integration of these AI capabilities within the Oracle Human Capital Management (HCM) Suite significantly enhances HR processes - making them more efficient, accurate, and user-friendly. These innovations empower HR professionals to move beyond routine tasks, focusing on strategic initiatives that drive organizational success. And as artificial intelligence evolves, Oracle HCM stands at the forefront of this transformation!  

Watch out for the AI revolution in the ERP Community, specifically Oracle Fusion Cloud applications. 


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Suda Vra

Written by Suda Vra

Suda strongly believes that humility & Synergy at work goes hand in hand. Graduating from a Practicing HR Professional background to PeopleSoft and then to Oracle Cloud gave her the edge to embrace the business requirements & continuous need for upskilling oneself. Suda has vast experience in Implementation, Testing & managed services across Oracle Ecosystem. She is adaptable & raises to a challenge & with good interpersonal skills. Suda has endeavoured a culture of inclusivity where the team and the individuals feel seen, understood & appreciated of who they are. She cuts barriers easily and get along with clients & teams which transcends the professional boundaries.

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