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Advancing Data Modernization: Beyond the Basics

08-May-2024 01:11:31 / by Lokesh Khosla

Lokesh Khosla


As businesses navigate the dynamic landscape of data management and analytics, embracing modern data architectures, advanced analytics techniques, and cloud-native technologies has become imperative. In Part two of our series on data modernization, we delve deeper into the crucial steps beyond the fundamentals, exploring how these advancements, along with solutions like Basecamp offered by Mastek, propel organizations towards a future where data drives growth and competitiveness.   

In Part 1, we covered Assessment and Planning through Cloud Migration. Now, let’s dive into the second half of major considerations to include as you build your roadmap for data modernization.   

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Adopting Modern Data Architectures 

Optimizing agility and scalability within your organization hinges on adopting modern data architectures and so is the next key consideration. Plan for and incorporate architectures like data mesh, microservices, and event-driven architectures. Services like Mastek’s proven-effective Basecamp provide a roadmap for implementing these architectures effectively, guiding organizations towards unified and optimized data ecosystems. Leverage technologies like containerization and orchestration to efficiently manage your data infrastructure, even at scale. Additionally, explore the benefits of serverless computing, which enables data processing and analysis without the burden of managing infrastructure.  

Advanced Analytics and AI/ML  

Now, let’s talk about advanced analytics and machine learning. Tapping into advanced analytics and AI/ML technologies unlocks invaluable insights and drives data-driven decision-making. It strengthens and deepens traditional analytics, and paves the way for delivering hyper-personalized experiences to customers, pinpointing growth areas, and creating operational efficiency.

Consider investment in robust data science capabilities and what you’ll need to develop and deploy sophisticated machine learning models tailored to your specific needs. Integrating AI/ML functionalities into your workflows streamlines operations, automates processes, and boosts productivity, fostering innovation and efficiency.   

Data Democratization and Self-Service Analytics  

Next up is data democratization. This is a key step towards actionable analytics and building a system that can be AI-enhanced. Providing easy (but secure) access to data and analysis capabilities allows business users to make informed decisions autonomously, reducing reliance on IT support. Additionally, investing in training programs and workshops promotes data literacy across the organization, ensuring that everyone can confidently navigate and interpret data insights.   

Continuous Improvement and Optimization  

The last step in the planning journey is to give some thought on how you’ll build continual improvement and optimization into your tech landscape. Between natural growth bringing changing needs to regular SaaS platforms updates that can wreak havoc on a configured system, how you’ll keep your ecosystem in shape and aligned with your needs is no small consideration. It’s important to monitor and analyze data infrastructure performance, usage patterns, and user feedback to identify areas for optimization. Business needs and technology advancements drive the need to continuously iterate and improve data pipelines, algorithms, and processes.

Lastly, consider how you’ll stay informed about emerging trends and technologies in data management and analytics. If your IT team is small, or simply needs to extend their reach, Managed Services can be a big help with this last step. A good cloud enhancement partner can do more than just keep your system updated or troubleshoot problem tickets. They step in not just to “keep the lights on,” but also to help your system scale to suit your business growth.  

Still not sure where to start or need an expert consultant to help guide, implement, and optimize your technology ecosystem? Reach out to us! With Basecamp, our proven-effective whiteboarding session, we can help you plot a course to complete your data modernization journey no matter what stage of development you’re in and in as little as 4 hours. With over 4 decades of experience and award-winning expertise across multiple SaaS platforms like Salesforce and Oracle, Mastek is your long-term ally for a data landscape that meets your company’s challenges today and easily scales as you scale.   

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Lokesh Khosla

Written by Lokesh Khosla

Co-founder and CTO, BizAnalytica

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