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Changing Trend in CRM Transformation Program: BXD (Business Excellence Delivery)

14-May-2024 04:28:26 / by Sumit Gandhi

Sumit Gandhi


Leveraging over 10+ years of experience in the CRM / CX space, I have successfully consulted and delivered 50+ large-scale CRM transformation programs for Fortune 1000 to mid-market players across several industry verticals (BFSI, Healthcare, and Retail, amongst others).  

My work with leading technology platforms and a deep understanding of industry nuances have revealed common aspirations from modern-day CRM / CX Transformation Programs. Aligned with Mastek's theme of decomplex digital - we are simplifying methods and maximizing the impact of CRM programs, and to do this effectively we’ve developed a framework that guides successful CRM program delivery - particularly for industry leaders, challengers and those seeking a competitive advantage at their front office.     

Why BXD?  

It is no secret that the focus of CRM programs has undergone significant changes in recent years. Enterprise customers now prioritize enhancing the overall business performance and covering wider front-office, and mid-office functions rather than just automating front-office tasks that are too limited to core customer interfacing groups. This often also results in changing working style/ approach/ integrated SOPs across the front office personas.   

This shift has also prompted leading CRM platforms to expand their offerings to cater to wider units (marketing, sales, service, field, contact center, etc.), bring industry-specific templates with industry cloud and have many advanced native capabilities such as Data Analytics, AI/ Generative AI.   

The CRM Program thus have become complex and demands a cohesive vision/framework that can deliver business performance (excellence). BXD (Business Excellence Delivery) is our framework that helps organizations with an excellence–oriented mindset to roll out successful front-office transformation programs faster and with ease.   

What Constitutes BXD & How Different It Is from Conventional Platform Implementation Program?  

Conventional CRM Programs are approached more from Front Office Automation as an outcome lens whereas BXD is approached with excellence as an outcome perspective. Hence, the scope of BXD is wider and goes beyond platform implementation and roll-out tracks /sub-tracks.  

 At a high level, the overall BXD constitutes 5 key Pillars / Steps.  CRM-BXD-Infographic

Transformation/ excellence goals benchmarking & definition becomes 1st step, and the excellence blueprint becomes step 2, which includes the functional scope that will be required to deliver the desired result with ad-on deliverables of redefined SOPs and platform evaluation attributed weights required for the envisioned business outcomes.    

The platform selected is engineered accordingly to deliver the desired outcome. Excellence realization and monitoring/ tuning are very unique and differentiated propositions of our framework, which come with industry-specific templates and methodology for roll-out, excellence culture enablement as well as program excellence outcome-monitoring dashboards with Gen-AI capabilities.    

With BXD - organizations get access to well-defined methodology, industry-specific templates and tools that are required to deliver successful CRM transformation programs.  At a high level, it includes:   

  • performance benchmarking and aspirations templates repository aligned with industry nuances
  • as-is and to-be front office SOPs and their adherence tracking templates  
  • platform evaluation framework based on industry-specific regulatory compliances
  • platforms' well-architected guidelines, platform-specific integration templates and assets   
  • an intelligent managed services framework
  • roll out templates, training less CRM (Gen-AI based tutorials)  
  • program outcome monitoring dashboards (Gen-AI enabled) with “cause” and “effect” insights  
  • backlogs identification and rationalization framework based on adoption and incremental performance aspirations    


What Industries, Excellence KPIs and Platforms Does BXD Cover?  

As of now, we’ve rolled out BXD for the healthcare and the BFSI industries. The framework works seamlessly across leading CRM platforms like Microsoft D365, Salesforce, and Oracle CX for Greenfield as well as ongoing CRM Transformation Initiatives.  

Our customers leverage these platforms for a broad range of outcomes or excellence aspirations. Below are some of the common use cases:  

  • Faster product and service launches   
  • Improved LOB (Line of Business) and ROI   
  • Enhanced customer lifetime value (LTV)   
  • Increased average revenue per customer (ARPC) 
  • Seamless identification of cross-sell/upsell opportunities  
  • Reduced service request workload and resolution of SLAs leading to improved customer self-service  

Industry-Specific Applications:  

BFSI (Banks): Some of the common use cases we are observing in banks include:  

  • Reduced card/new account onboarding time   
  • Faster service request turnaround time   
  • Improved campaign-driven lead flow for non-CASA products  
  • Customer 360 views for cross-selling opportunities   
  • Reduced service request workload - branch and contact center    

Healthcare Providers: Here are some of the use cases that we are observing with healthcare providers:   

  • Enable and enhance virtual care integration   
  • Boost counselling conversion rates   
  • Reduce patient acquisition costs   
  • Improve patient lifetime value (PLV) to patient acquisition cost (PAC) ratio   
  • Increase patient retention rates   

These are some of the KPIs which have been the North Star across our various successful transformations. The functional solution is tailored/ designed while keeping these KPIs and their requisite enhancements as goals. The platform is engineered accordingly, and the outcomes are monitored/ measured through program dashboards. This helps establish the transformation continuum.   

SOP redefinition is a crucial component of the BXD framework that reflects how front office units cohesively run their relevant operations on the ground with an engineered platform at hand. 

In conclusion, the BXD framework has emerged as a beacon of strategic clarity and operational efficiency for several businesses, guiding industry leaders to harness the transformative power of CRM initiatives for a sustained competitive edge in today's dynamic market landscape.  

In my experience, you too should look to embrace BXD and propel your organization towards excellence, redefining success through its strategic CRM transformation initiatives. For more information, you could visit our website


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Sumit Gandhi

Written by Sumit Gandhi

Sumit Gandhi is a Passionate Digital Transformation Consulting Expert & Leads the Service Line GTM for Mastek in AMEA, advising organizations / CXO’s on Strategic Transformation Initiatives spanning CRM / CX, Data, AI/ Gen AI & Cloud & Digital Application Initiatives. With Proven Track record of Consulting & delivering Multi Pillar Programs, Sumit provides invaluable Pragmatic guidance to Customers on conceptualizing & delivering successful Transformation Programs around Digital Application Engg, Data & AI / Gen AI across Technology Stack.

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