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We’ve rebranded…why?

18-Jul-2018 10:27:28 / by Conrad Mills

Conrad Mills

It’s been a fantastic 24 months at Mastek - eight consecutive quarters of growth, revenue up 78%, 154% EBITDA growth, employee numbers up >50% taking us to over 2,000 ‘Mastekeers'. So why rebrand now? There are three simple reasons for the change...




Attract great talent

With the growth trajectory we’re on, we need to attract the brightest and best to join us. For many potential employees, their first experience of Mastek isn’t meeting one of our great software engineers, it’s the logo they see on our website. To be frank, we looked old fashioned compared to several of the organisations that we’re competing against for top talent.


Perception by prospective customers

This misalignment between our brand image and the complex digital transformation solutions we deliver also impacts on we're perceived by prospective customers. We’ve all read the industry stat's telling us how up to 70% of the ‘buyer journey’ now takes place digitally. For our existing customers this isn't an issue. They know what we can do and have seen our software engineering talent in action but for prospective customers where our relationship begins with a Google search or a LinkedIn post their experience wasn't so positive.


Divergence with the digital medium

On a more basic level, our old logo was difficult to replicate and didn't work well in digital environments. We also needed a number of new brand assets and it made sense to take a strategic approach starting with the logo, rather than working through individual assets tactically.

That said we didn’t want to completely move away from our previous identity. We’re proud of our history and heritage at Mastek and have purposefully kept a number of elements of our previous brand identity in the new one - to reflect that pride and continuity.

The bottom line is we want our new brand identity to reflect the organisation we are now – a vibrant, growing, innovative provider of enterprise level digital transformation solutions. Visit our website to see more.


Conrad Mills

Written by Conrad Mills

Conrad is the Marketing Director at Mastek and a member of the UK management board. A senior marketer, he has over 20 years’ experience working in global IT services organisations.

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