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What’s easier, transforming a nation or a business?

23-Sep-2015 15:33:00 / by Esperance Barreto

Esperance Barreto


Mastek Executive Forum with FW De Klerk

Most of us may never be tasked with the mammoth responsibility that Nobel Prize winner and former South African President FW De Klerk had to take on whilst working alongside Nelson Mandela to end apartheid in South Africa. What we can do is learn from those experiences and apply them to overcome our day-to-day business challenges. This is exactly what a selection of guests at Mastek’s Executive Forum did at The Ritz in London yesterday.

They listened awe-inspired to Mr De Klerk who spoke of his involvement in the reformation process within South Africa. He drew parallels between present-day business complexities and the challenges he experienced and overcame in his struggles to transform a country.

The end of apartheid is undoubtedly among the largest and most complex change programmes of recent times. Now, doesn’t that knowledge make delivering business transformation so much easier?

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Esperance Barreto

Written by Esperance Barreto

Content Manager at Mastek

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What’s easier, transforming a nation or a business?

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