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[fa icon="calendar"] 31-Jan-2017 16:08:02 / by John Owen

The proverb ‘may you live in interesting times’ must feel more profound than ever before. As socio-political change reverberates globally, we are in the midst of witnessing major global transformations.

Three major events in the markets Mastek operates continue to have a profound impact on how our customers prepare, respond and react to external events. Brexit, a new US administration and Indian demonetisation have all put businesses on the back-foot. It has also placed the existing rigid infrastructures under huge pressure to adapt quickly, effectively and securely to change. For the agile, these seismic shifts create unique opportunities for businesses to build new value chains, serve new customers in different ways and leap frog traditional barriers to entry.

In this issue of iMpetus, we look at the advantages of bimodal enablement, regulatory change in the financial services sector, emerging opportunities with machine learning and test automation – all aimed at enabling you transform these challenges into opportunities to grow faster than your competition.

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John Owen

Written by John Owen

Group CEO, Mastek

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